OpenForum is an opensource forum using the language PHP to run forums on web server. OpenForum does not require any database, it stores all information in the file system as XML files and ordinary directories.
OpenForum supports also SQLite and MYSQL databases, that provides more power compared to simple file system.

The design philosophy behind OpenForum is based on simplicity, robustness and openness


Openforum supports the following classes of users:
  • administrator: users with full control of the configuration and users
  • registered: any ordinary users
  • anonymous: guest user not logged in
  • banned: users that are banned, i.e. cannot do any post
  • deleted: users that are removed from the system, meaning that they are not allowed to login anymore
Registered users are allowed to perform the following actions:
  • view forums
  • create a topic
  • post items in the topics
  • answer to other posts
  • search for information in the forums
  • view a subset of the profile of the other users
  • update own profile
Administrators are allowed to perform the same actions as registered users and other special actions, including:
  • direct access to the list of all users
  • create a new forum, delete/close/re-open/rename an existing forum
  • restrict the access to a specific forum
  • close/re-open/delete a topic
  • modify the style of the portal, including colors, using HTML templates
  • edit the configuration of the portal
  • make a backup of data
  • accessing log files
  • define new user groups and related access rights
  • remove, ban, change group to any user
  • view the full profile of any user
  • change any parameter in any user profile
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